Dear parent/carer,

A statement was issued by the Welsh Government yesterday. The statement included the paragraph below.

With transmission levels continuing to increase across Wales, and uncertainty over what impact that might have on school staffing levels over the Christmas break, there will be some flexibility built in at the beginning of term. However, minimising disruption to our children and young people’s education remains a priority and face to face learning should be the default position unless there are clear public health and safety reasons for moving to remote learning.

As you know, transmission levels of the infection are still relatively low in Gwynedd, so there are currently no clear health and safety reasons for moving to distance learning in January. As a result, Gwynedd schools will be open to learners at the start of term. Many of our schools have an INSET day or days scheduled for the start of the first week, so in those cases the school will be open the following day.

We will continue to monitor the situation carefully and keep you updated in the event of any change.

Thank you all for your co-operation, care of your children and young people and for your support for their learning.

It is very important that we all keep to the rules so that we stay healthy.

Click here for information so that you enjoy a safe Christmas with your family.