Welcome to our website. The website is an important part of communication and sharing information quickly with parents and other friends that share an interest in the school, the local community and further. I hope you will find the website useful and that you enjoy learning about the work done at the school the children involved with various activities.

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Headteacher’s Welcome

This website is created with the intention of giving you a picture of our school. It is a mixture of information that is essential and also helpful to both parents and pupils.

I am firmly of the opinion that no website, however well written and populated can give a true picture of a working school. I am always delighted to show visitors around the school when it is in full operation. On such occasions I hope to be able to illustrate our commitment to seeing children working hard to achieve their full potential in a calm, caring and disciplined environment and that the education is delivered in a creative and enhanced style.

If you wish to make a visit to the school then please do not hesitate to contact me. In the meantime, I hope this website gives you a flavour of our school and our pride in it.

Menna Wynne-Pugh