Welsh at Home

This Selog resource is for learning from home for families which will hopefully be particularly useful to eg:

  • non-Welsh speaking families where children, out of school, no longer have the opportunity to learn Welsh,
  • families where the parent is working from home, so not free to teach or give children much attention,
  • Welsh-speaking families who need a plan but don’t have the time to seek out scattered resources,
  • families where many children or other extra caring duties is a full-time job without planning for teaching.

The plan is for families with primary school children or younger. The work is set out in colour bands, without attaching ages, as children’s development and access to Welsh varies for each individual. Since independent learning is a teaching aim, the target for children working in the yellow or green bands to be reasonably independent. Naturally in the blue bands more attention is
needed, with the pre-schoolers as well as the family activities. The aim of the latter is to give opportunities to cooperate, communicate and also to listen to the child as they reason and develop their communication skills by presenting ideas, listening to others, and adapting their arguments accordingly (there are no right answers for Seiat Selog discussions).

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
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Week 7
Week 9
Week 11